Vin Scelsa WNEW FM 1982

Presenting free form radio broadcaster Vin Scelsa.  A man who has had the honor of being named checked by the Ramones on their Pleasant Dreams album.

He’s worked at a number of radio stations in the New York area including WLIR FM,  WBAI, WABC FM, WYRK FM and WFUV FM. He has also been on satellite and internet radio and has  had two stints on WNEW FM.  Vin is perhaps best known for the program Idiots Delight which has aired on various stations.

This air check is from the tail end of his first stay at WNEW. He left the station in 1982 when they narrowed their format. The creativity is still on display here as New Wave is played along with other forms of rock to make for a most enjoyable listen.


Scott Thompson Y95 Hamilton Jan 1995

The Southern Ontario frequency of 95.3 converted to classic rock in 1991 and the Hamilton Ontario station known as Y 95 was born. The station did very well and at one point in the mid 1990’s was beating Toronto rock giant Q 107 in the ratings. Quite the accomplishment for a Hamilton station. In 2001 the station changed frequencies to 107.9  and became Y 108.

This air check from 1995 features the afternoon drive team of Scott Thomson and Lori Love. There is also a newscast by Dave Spragge and an ad for station morning man Jeff Lumby.

KABC FM Brother John Rydgren 1969

In April 1969 ABC started the mostly automated Love format on it’s seven stations. Brother John Rydgren did many of the voice overs. The brother was an ordained minister and he interspersed his shows with poetry and spiritual readings.

This was generally a more commercial variety of progressive FM rock. The format lasted for a short period and was heard on FM stations from New York to Los Angles.  This particular broadcast was taped off KABC Los Angles in August 1969 and it includes Brother John, a newscast and a segment about Carole King by Howard Smith.  Quality is not great and the tape is in mono.

Interesting to note that the group Bread who later became soft rock staples have the last track on the air check. ABC FM must have liked the first Bread album because there is another air check on the net at reelradio from WLS FM where the group and album are featured.

WNEW FM Scott Muni Nov 4, 1980 Part Two

This is part two of the election day broadcast by Scott Muni on WNEW from 1980. A great station which retained a semblance of the free form ethos on this late date. Love the two early 1970’s Byrds tracks played. Neither track is considered the Byrd’s best but both were staples on FM rock for a time. Great memory music as they say.

I have lots of other WNEW content uploaded to the site with more to come.

New Free Form Show Sept 2017

New Free Form show but featuring some vintage ads.

WRKO FM 1968, CFNY FM and More Composite

Here is a composite of various stations.

The first a small segment from an automated Top 40 format on Boston’s WRKO FM from February 1968 where Donovan’s Jennifer Juniper is featured as an “exclusive.”  After that  Brad McNally on Toronto’s CFNY FM from the late 1970’s ( was previously featured on the site), then  a Toronto station playing the Four Season’s Tell it to The Rain and finally a CHUM FM station ID from the 1980’s.


KNUS FM Dallas 1969

Interesting content from one of the early Dallas Texas free form stations, KNUS FM, from the summer of 1969. This is an in tact air check only for 11 minutes at the beginning of the first clip but there are snippets of DJ patter interspersed throughout plus  a nice station ID at 45:19 of the second clip. Also notable is the ad for early Texas outlaw country act Frummox heard at 10:07 of the first clip.

The musical content is varied and indicative of a wide open free form musical policy. Some of the music played is outlined below and that musical diversity is the highlight of this tape:

Grand Funk, Melanie. The Youngbloods, Buffalo Springfield, The Nice, The Beatles, Simon and Garfunkel, Tony Joe White, Zephyr, Jethro Tull, John Stewart, Pink Floyd, Vanilla Fudge,The Moody Blues,  Roxy ( Bob Segarini’s second recording group, actually heard twice), Laura Nyro, The Rotary Connection, Led Zeppelin, The Doors, Ruth White, Frank Zappa, Ten Wheel Drive and more.


Alison Steele – The Nightbird WNEW FM 1972 & 75

Vintage WNEW and Alison Steele from the prime years of commercial free form radio in New York. The first clip is from September 6, 1972 and the second from July 11, 1975.

The music is fantastic as Alison plays King Crimson, The Nice , The Moody Blues and more.

Still more to come on the site from the great WNEW in the future.

Byrds and Related Show Early 1990’s

This is a show that I may have recorded in 1991 or 1992. I don’t know the original source. The segment includes songs and/or interviews with Chris Hillman and The Desert Rose Band, Roger McGuinn, David Crosby and Tom Petty.

The second clip is the same show but in nominal stereo. The stereo signal keeps dropping at intervals with a decrease in volume at the same time.

Q107, CHUM, CKFM, CFRB & CHFI Toronto

I recently came across a recording of Q 107’s Rock Report taped in 1995 and that led me to a Rock Report tape made in 1996 which was on a  broken cassette  I had repaired but the contact  was off and I went back and properly fixed the tape and now the recording sounds much better  than my original upload of it. I present it here along with other Toronto radio as noted below:

Clip One- Q 107 Six O-Clock Rock Report from Oct 1996 with Joey Vendetta, Steve Warden, and Rory O’Shea. Features short interviews with Ray Davies of the Kinks and Universal Honey.

Clip Two – Mix 99.9 ( CKFM) with Punch Andrews (1996) from the same tape as the above clip.

Clip Three – Russ McLeod and a call from my niece on 1050 CHUM and The Six O -Clock Rock Report on Q 107 from 1995 featuring Joey Vendetta and Steve Warden.

Clip Four – Very brief segment from Roger Ashby  on CHUM FM plus CFRB radio featuring mostly Mike Stafford from 2000.

Clip Five – Former CHOM FM, CFNY FM and CHUM FM alumni Terry McElligot on  CHFI FM from the late 1980’s. Terry can currently be heard on Jazz FM in Toronto.

Clip Six – A brief newscast featuring Prior Smith on CKFM from Sept 8 , 1972.

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