WCMF FM 1975 and 1983


 These two clips are from WCMF  FM- Rochester NY. The first one is from 1975.

 We lived near the lake and I had hooked up the TV tower antenna to my FM receivers. I looked forward to the days when I could pick up a clear signal from Rochester as this gave me more choice in terms of free form FM programing. Like most FM rock stations at this time WCMF had also tightened it’s format but had not gone full bore AOR ( Album orientated rock) yet. The clip features music by Steely Dan, The Marshall Tucker Band ( yes southern Jam band were more popular in the US than Canada) and Feel Flows by the Beach Boys to close. A few interesting commercials including one for the Happy Hooker movie. I hope I have some Mighty Taco commercials when I get to the Buffalo, NY stations.
 The second clip is from 1983 and by this time CMF was fully AOR and so the interesting programing had been relegated to Sunday nights. Bringing to mind Elvis Costello’s words from Radio Radio “so they put us on the reel to reel.” The show was called Import Export and it featured cutting edge new wave. The first track is Breathless by the LA band called X and the second an edited ( by me) version of “All Tomorrow’s Parties by The Velvet Underground and Nico . The track is pre-new wave/punk as it was released in 1967. I don’t think I have ever heard this track on the radio before or so I thought until I recently rediscovered this tape.
The famous ( in Rochester) Unkle Roger a hold over from the free form days was a co-host of this show but I don’t think that’s him on the clip. Leave a comment if you can confirm who it is.

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