Zooey Deschanel – Hidden Treasure


Many of you may be aware of Zooey Deschanel as an actress in the hit TV show New Girl as well as her movie roles. Less known is her work as a singer with the duo She and Him along with her musical partner and lo-fi indie artist  extraordinaire M Ward. They have made three albums together and should be on the radio but are shut out because of the fragmented but narrow mentality of commercial radio programmers. Ironic that a lady who markets so many products by way of her TV commercials is not able to get wide exposure for her music. In my opinion She and Him should be and could be huge musical stars.

Both Zooey and M Ward are fans of baroque pop-rock of the Left Banke, The Zombies and The Beach Boys. and these influences are evident in their music. In fact Zooey did a great interview with one of her heroes, head Beach Boy Brian Wilson on the Stereogum web site a few years ago. Enjoy this cover by She and Him  of a tune made famous by the Beach Boys and wonder why no one has heard of them.

After the first listen you’ll want seconds !



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