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Get The Connection


This is the latest contest for your chance to win a Tim Horton’s or Starbucks gift certificate valued at $ 10.00.

There are eight musical selections and there’s a connection from one track to the next. Your mission is to list all eight artists and also guess what the connection is from track to track.

The first person with the correct answers wins. Contest will be up for about one week. Gift certificates are purchased in Canada but I can look into US redemption if I get a stateside winner. World at large sorry but you are welcome to play for bragging rights.

Email your answers to or leave them in the comments section but I won’t publish those until the contest is closed. Members o the SOWNY Board  can send me a private message there.

A goblin’s added a ninth track but there’s no apparent connection to the eight and it’s just the first track repeated. Maybe you can come up with a connection for bonus points.

Good luck and have fun. Congrats again to the “Original Hank for winning the last contest.

Contest Rules

Anyone is welcome to play but gift certificates used for prizes may be redeemable only in Canada.

Delivery of prizes will be by regular mail and delivery as good as our postal services.


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