Letterman Will Be Missed – The Right Night for the Wrong Company

When David Letterman began his late night show he was truly groundbreaking. The irreverent segments such as “stupid pet tricks and “Larry Bud Melman” etc were pushing the envelope of the usually staid and old school world of TV talk shows. He may have lost some of his edge over the years and who would not after all that time.

The one area where he’s remained a pioneer is in showcasing musical acts which have retained their “indie” cred and credo and which have not received much exposure elsewhere on commercial radio or television.

Groups such as Wilco, The Jayhawks and Dr. Dog have  all been able to showcase their talent and gain a national foothold thanks to Dave.

Enjoy this clip by Dr Dog.  Not from Letterman but a great slice of indie Americana nevertheless.  Steven Colbert please follow the leader !


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