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During the 60’s top 40 stations had some great jingles to ID their stations and these were a key part of a stations’s brand image.

WUWU FM in 1982 was definitely not top 40 but they were looking to build an audience, Their playlist during the day included some mainstream acts as you hear Gary Storm announce that he just played Rush and the Headpins. I think they had realized that you cannot build a station just with alternative artists so they would try to woo ( or would that be woo woo) the listeners with a few known commodities and then introduce them to some amazing alternative music as you hear on this clip with an unusual rendition of “Whole Lotta Love”. The clip is from September 1982.

Listen at the beginning to two ID’s. The station was different sometimes way out there and these ID’s are among the best that I have heard. They were longer than the usual but I believe they were a very effective tease to listen to the station. They were not recorded on the same show as the rest of the clip and you will find them interspersed between parts of several tracks. I have also placed a contemporary ID from 97 Rock so you can compare what a more mainstream station was doing.  I love how one ID segues into”Princess of the Universe” by Todd Rundgren. Total Rock’n Roll !

Gary Storm I believe was doing day time and not his Oil of Dog  all night extravaganza  See the Oil of Dog Corner on this web site for more on that.  Also note that you can hear the infamous Bob Allen on this clip  promoting his talk show the Town Crier which he also presented at WBUF earlier. Yes the man who took the station hostage during it’s last day with this format.




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