Jim Reid and James Scott – CFNY 1983

Drum machines and synths and a techno vibe was dominant at CFNY during this period but as you will hear on this clip the station could be still be counted on for  variety. You will hear Jim Reid play Marvin Gaye and Bebop Deluxe who are thought of as a new wave band but they actually predated the new wave and released their first album in 1974. I always thought of their earlier work as the thinking man’s Queen.

Jim Reid may have been the DJ with the longest tenure at NY during the “Spirit of Radio” era. His set is followed by James Scott another stalwart of the Spirit. We get to hear James play Chris de Burgh, “Oh Superman” by Laurie Anderson and even some mid 60’s Bob Dylan. interesting listening and a free form ethos still apparent at the station.

Listen near the very end for an AD by Ivor Hamilton for his import show.

Quality is poor particularly on the first half compounded by the fact that the Bebop Deluxe tune uses the phasing effect.


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Jim Santella – In The Belly of The Beast

Jim Santella could be called the Dean of all Buffalo DJ’s from the free form era and beyond. He started his professional career at Buffalo’s first free form called WYSL.  That station changed it’s called letters to WPHD and Santella also made the transition.  He later moved to 97 Rock where he stayed for many years. More recently he had a blues show on public WBFO and has since retired.

This clip finds him firmly in new wave land on WUWU FM ( June 1983) playing tracks by Q-Field, The Talking Heads and more. Some jazz by Jean Luc Ponty for a change of pace. My favorite musical selection on the clip is “Church of The Poison Mind” by Culture club which finds Boy George in full Motown mode.

An interesting commercial with Jeff Gordon for a WUWU party  plays during the first break.

There’s around the dial twisting starting at the 47:00 minute mark you can hear Rick Ringer on CHUM FM announcing his last set. Yes this was the time when they actually played Quiet Riot. You can also hear James Scott on CFNY announcing an interview with Kajagoogoo by The Live Earl Jive later that day. Unfortunately I did not stay on any one station for too long during the dial changes, save for a classical station near the end.  Quality is so so on the clip and falters badly at the end as the tape rolls off the reel. Highlighting the ephemera of the listening experience.

The clip ends where it began in “the belly of the beast” with Jim Santella. That phrase, used by Santella in his ID’s, quite aptly described the format and vibe at WUWU FM and I hope you enjoy this clip from one of the legendary broadcasters from Western New York.

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Have received lots of presets and rank on Live 365 one of the hottest on Network


A Mixed Bag – WCMF, 97 Rock and WUWU 107.7

This is an intriguing clip that provides a picture of the rock radio dial in western New York during the summer of 1982.

Things get started with selections played on the Import/Export show on WCMF FM – Rochester, New York with Unkle Roger hosting. Alternative rock and some of it never played in Toronto (cuts by The Dream Syndicate, Fleshtones, The Cramps and Chesterfield Kings). CFNY was not big on this type of garage rock but WCMF’s Import Export and WUWU gave well deserved exposure to the genre.

You also hear a bit of mainstream AOR by way of WCMF and 97 Rock from Buffalo All of the tracks are recorded off the radio but the announcements for some are missing unfortunately,

The best part of the clip is near the end when we hear Jeff Gordon on WUWU playing a comedy cut by George Carlin and a special dance mix of Our House by Madness called Madhouse.  Creative programming could still be heard in some quarters in 1982 and Jeff Gordon’s segment is a great example.

Listen also for a syndicated segment from Pete Fornatale of WNEW FM. He was one of the legendary free form Jocks and in later years hosted the “Mixed Bag” program on WNEW and WFUV.

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Get The Connection – Last Weeks Winner Plus Chance to Win Stones Album !

 Revised- New and Improved

This audio program  details the answers to last week’s  quiz plus the winner is announced. There’s also eight more short clips at the end of the program. Get the artists and connections and you might win a copy of the Rolling Stones “Their Satanic Majesty’s Request” with the original 3 D cover. Vinyl is not in great shape but the cover is swell.

Yes I’m trying to emulate the free form programming of days gone by.

First person to email me at javedjafri@rogers.com with the correct answers will win the album.  Good luck !

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