Ron Bruchal on CFNY, WUWU AND MORE – JUNE 28, 1983

This clip begins with the group called  The The and the track “Perfect on WUWU 107.7 FM. After that there is some dial twisting including a bit of Daddy Cool on CFNY at 12:53. You will hear a bit of the  syndicated program Rockline with Bob Cockburn at 13:55 and at 17:20 a DJ from WCMF, Rochester proclaims “history in the making” by having played the first compact laser disc ( Phil Collin’s Face Value album). This part of the clip is possibly from around September 1982 based on a mention of  Billy Joel’s Nylon Curtain as a new release and the introduction of CD’s as a commercial product.

Starting at 17:52 we hear Ron Brushal on CFNY with an interesting mix of music including The Wall of Voodoo’s cover of “Ring of Fire”, Peter Gabriel and Jimmy Pursey with Animals Have More Fun, Steve Harley and Cockney Rebel and more.




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