John Donabie CHUM FM August 1973

This is from one of the older reels that I have. John Donabie during the free form era from 1973. The voice on one of the ADs is Larry Green who was one of the early DJ’s at the station but I’m not sure if he was still on staff at the time of this recording.

The clip ends with a segment from John’s Sock Hop show where he used the Rockin’ Rebels as his weekly outro. The song was first recorded as the theme song for Tom Shannon’s Top 40 show on WKBK. I’m not sure about the date of the Sock Hop clip but I used to record all of the oldies as this was the first time I was introduced to many of them. Unfortunately I recorded the music and the DJ patter is missing except for this one brief segment. Wish I had realized the value of the DJ patter and preserved it.

The partial track that plays just before the Rockin’ Rebels is the rather obscure ” Country Judy-Jane” by David Rae. Thank you to the internet sleuths at the SH forum for helping me ID that track.

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