Reelin’ In The Years

This Webcast is taken mostly from prerecorded reel to reel tapes that I purchased many years back. The quality is not A grade. I was inspired to do this as a result of a discussion about The Wild Honey album by the Beach Boys and the fact that it is advertised on the reel to reel cover as “Full Dimensional Stereo” but is in fact mono to my ears. Have a listen and you decide. Playlist includes selections from Friends and Wild Honey by The Beach Boys, Through The Past Darkly by The Stones and Let It Be by The Beatles all taken from reel to reel tapes plus a flexi-disc of Gypsy Rider by Gene Clark that came with the magazine Bucket Full of Brains back in 1988. You will also hear two Byrds tracks taken from mono vinyl recordings.

The “Stereo” Wild Honey selections start at 38:42.

I dedicate The Beach Boy’s How She Boogalood it from Wild Honey to the memory of Lou Whitney of The Skeletons. Lou passed away recently and his band covered the tune.





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