The Beach Boys 20/20 on Reel to Reel

Radio Aircheck fans please see the latest additions from WBUF FM and WZIR FM below and a new and fascinating CKOC countdown of the top 100 of 1967 and 68 in the Radio Miscellany section.

Here is the Beach Boys 20/20 album from 1969 on prerecorded reel to reel. This provides a good window into the original mix  as the first run analogue copies become rare.

I inadvertently left a minute plus blank tape gap between side one and side two dedicated to Rosemary Woods.

Addendum:  an astute member  of the Pet Sounds mailing list tipped me to the fact that I had cut a few seconds off the tail end of All I Want to Do, the Dennis Wilson tune, which is the fifth track on side one of the album. I have restored the full fade out now just before the middle of the second clip above. A rather infamous fade out as you can hear and you can Google the details.

Eric Traver WBUF FM – Part Two


This clip features Eric Traver on his all night shift at WBUF FM from 1975. The station was probably the best progressive free form station in the area at the time. The musical selections include tracks by Todd Rundgren, Love and Jeff and Maria Muldaur. Eric can be heard after the commercial break which starts at 14:20.

WZIR FM Last Oil of Dog 1981

Gary Storm along with Louie the Mad Vinyl Junkie on the very last broadcast of Oil of Dog on WZIR FM – 98.5 from Niagara Falls, New York. This is the first Oil of Dog post sourced from WZIR FM. The previous clips are from the show’s resurrection on WUWU FM a few years later.

This was recorded one day before the station switched formats from free form to mainstream AOR. You can hear Gary and Louie discussing the situation at 22:10 – 32:32. Louie was not really a DJ and he had started as a fan and music collector guest on Gary’s program and was eventually given his own show. Listen here as they discuss what’s taking place with the station. Makes for very compelling radio as you hear a great format going down. Musical selections include tracks by The Move, Love Sculpture and Alan Stivell. I have more tape of this last broadcast and watch this space for the next segment.