The Beach Boys 20/20 on Reel to Reel

Radio Aircheck fans please see the latest additions from WBUF FM and WZIR FM below and a new and fascinating CKOC countdown of the top 100 of 1967 and 68 in the Radio Miscellany section.

Here is the Beach Boys 20/20 album from 1969 on prerecorded reel to reel. This provides a good window into the original mix  as the first run analogue copies become rare.

I inadvertently left a minute plus blank tape gap between side one and side two dedicated to Rosemary Woods.

Addendum:  an astute member  of the Pet Sounds mailing list tipped me to the fact that I had cut a few seconds off the tail end of All I Want to Do, the Dennis Wilson tune, which is the fifth track on side one of the album. I have restored the full fade out now just before the middle of the second clip above. A rather infamous fade out as you can hear and you can Google the details.

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