CFNY Montage Early to Mid 80`s

This is a composite of tracks recorded off CFNY from the early to mid 80`s. Some of the tracks  such as the Demics New York City and Captain Sensible`s Happy Talk were NY staples. Clip is short on DJ patter. There`s a station ID at 00:36 and you will hear Jim Reid at 8:20 and The Live Earl Jive and James Baby Scott for a few brief seconds later in the clip. The recording quality on Happy Talk and the final  track, File and Forget by Karel Fialka, is quite good and in stereo. Enjoy this small slice of the Spirit of Radio era NY at it’s peak.

A big thanks for former CFNY announcer Jim Reid for  confirming who the artist was on File and Forget. I remember the track well as it received a lot of airplay on NY but Google searches and even Shazam had turned up nothing about the artist and it sounded like James Scott was saying Carol Fialkin. The song and LP it comes from is currently out of print and hence why it was difficult to find info about it.

A great honor JR to have you visit the site. I was a very regular listener and fan of your show right from the start in the late 70’s.

The Last Oil of Dog WZIR FM Part 2

British Folk to The Sex Pistols. Public Image Ltd. to Bach

Part Two of The last Oil of Dog program hosted by Gary Storm on WZIR FM from 1981. The show was revived on WUWU FM a few years later ( Please visit The Oil of Dog Corner for the WUWU clips and I will continue to upload more of those).

There’s three long sets of music on the two clips above and they feature Gary and Louie The Mad Vinyl Junkie. Listen to the breaks at 25:04-29:30 (first clip) and at 15:39-18:51 & 43:32-48:27( second clip). You will hear Gary Storm’s passion for what he was presenting. He laments the fact that there will no longer be an outlet on the radio to feature the diverse acts played on Oil of Dog and WZIR. He was the music director at the station. He speaks about how he was the first and perhaps only area DJ to feature some of the acts played. He also speaks, during the final break, about the sexism inherent in mainstream radio. He championed numerous female artists and says that will not be the case on the new mainstream rock format of the station.

Just before playing a selection from Bach, during the middle break, he says “this music is so beautiful that God made ears for it.” Enjoy this remnant of the classic free form format on commercial radio. There’s almost 90 minutes of great music and commentary. Please also check out part one of this broadcast further down the page.

Addendum: I was gratified to see that the one and only Gary Storm posted this comment in the Oil of Dog Corner yesterday:

This is incredible historiography. It is a brilliant example of what scholars like to call cultural ethnography. If you haven’t use these audio artifacts as the basis of your thesis or dissertation, you should do so. This stuff – and I am not talking about my stuff at all – is important history. It will matter more than any of us can imagine. Make sure your files are preserved, not just on line, but some place like the history museum. Thanks for all of your careful archiving. Like I said before, Tears in my eyes.

Pete & Geets 1983 & Cal Brady WBUF FM 1975

A great double shot of Progressive Free Form radio.

The first clip is of Pete and Geets on CFNY from 1983 and they open with an oldie. When was the last time you heard Gene Pitney on CFNY ? Possibly when this air check was recorded. The great thing about early CFNY was that they were not limited to new or “Modern Rock” and the element of surprise and variety was alive and well. Audio quality is not the best.

Check out the Radio Corner section for a longer set by Pete and Geets on CFNY and watch this space for more. I have some tape of them on CHUM FM.

The second clip is from WBUF FM from 1975 and features Cal Brady, the program director of the station at the time. The clip captures the essence of underground free form with a great psychedelic era station ID and a counter culture intro to a song by the Jefferson Airplane. Brady says “good morning…don’t believe everything you read in the papers.” The actual time was 5 PM. The clip is sadly too short but serves as a great reminder about why the free form format was so interesting.

David Pritchard Q 107 Psychedelic Sunday

**Have added the entire show on the second clip, almost two hours with some noise reduction which I usually hesitate in using because  of audio loss

Andy Frost started as the host of Psychedelic Sunday on Q107 in the mid 1980’s. He took a break from the show and was eventually replaced by Rory O’Shea before returning as host in the mid 90’s. Most people are not aware that legendary Toronto DJ and free form pioneer David Pritchard hosted Psychedelic Sunday for a very brief period and here is a clip featuring him as host. He does not say his name anywhere on the broadcast  and the delivery is not as laid back as his earlier on air persona but the familiar Pritchardism’s are on display. He had a way with words and his DJ patter was literate and unique. He could be described as a musicologist and that also comes through on the clip, although not to the extent that it did on his shows at free form CHUM FM.

This might have been his first show on Q and and I think he was constrained by the format and a number of classic rock staples are featured. He plays Barroom Blitz by Sweet and I don’t think he would have played that during his time at CHUM FM or CFNY. There’s a segment devoted to the Moody Blues and the music featured by them certainly hearkens back to his free form days and in fact the brief interview segments with Justin Hayward may have been originally taped years before.

I remember hearing another episode or two of the show where David seemed to have more leeway with the playlist but then he was gone and perhaps he was asked to tighten things and felt  limited by the format.

I have at least one more hour of this show to present in the future  so watch this space. Check our the Radio Corner section for recordings of David Pritchard from CHUM FM and CFNY. He is the one DJ that I have on tape from all three Toronto FM rock stations.

I originally recorded this clip on a JVC stereo VCR that could record two separate audio sources simultaneously one to go with video and a separate external source. There’s some tracking issues on the tape. Most of the clips featured on the site were recorded on reel to reel tape. This broadcast may be from January 1992.

James Braun & Shakin Smith WUWU FM

This clip of WUWU FM is from Nov. 1982 and features DJ James Braun and Western New York blues man Shakin Smith. Smith had a show on the station and can be heard twice on the clip including one ad. A varied musical palette is heard on the clip including an interesting Robert Palmer track called the Silver Gun which features him singing in the urdu language. The clip also features a brief interview snippet of David Bowie.