David Pritchard Q 107 Psychedelic Sunday

**Have added the entire show on the second clip, almost two hours with some noise reduction which I usually hesitate in using because  of audio loss

**Third clip added of entire show that has resolved previous tracking and audio issues

Andy Frost started as the host of Psychedelic Sunday on Q107 in the mid 1980’s. He took a break from the show and was eventually replaced by Rory O’Shea before returning as host in the mid 90’s. Most people are not aware that legendary Toronto DJ and free form pioneer David Pritchard hosted Psychedelic Sunday for a very brief period and here is a clip featuring him as host. He does not say his name anywhere on the broadcast  and the delivery is not as laid back as his earlier on air persona but the familiar Pritchardism’s are on display. He had a way with words and his DJ patter was literate and unique. He could be described as a musicologist and that also comes through on the clip, although not to the extent that it did on his shows at free form CHUM FM.

This might have been his first show on Q and and I think he was constrained by the format and a number of classic rock staples are featured. He plays Barroom Blitz by Sweet and I don’t think he would have played that during his time at CHUM FM or CFNY. There’s a segment devoted to the Moody Blues and the music featured by them certainly hearkens back to his free form days and in fact the brief interview segments with Justin Hayward may have been originally taped years before.

I remember hearing another episode or two of the show where David seemed to have more leeway with the playlist but then he was gone and perhaps he was asked to tighten things and felt  limited by the format.

I have at least one more hour of this show to present in the future  so watch this space. Check our the Radio Corner section for recordings of David Pritchard from CHUM FM and CFNY. He is the one DJ that I have on tape from all three Toronto FM rock stations.

I originally recorded this clip on a JVC stereo VCR that could record two separate audio sources simultaneously one to go with video and a separate external source. There’s some tracking issues on the tape. Most of the clips featured on the site were recorded on reel to reel tape. This broadcast may be from January 1992.

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