Pete & Geets 1983 & Cal Brady WBUF FM 1975

A great double shot of Progressive Free Form radio.

The first clip is of Pete and Geets on CFNY from 1983 and they open with an oldie. When was the last time you heard Gene Pitney on CFNY ? Possibly when this air check was recorded. The great thing about early CFNY was that they were not limited to new or “Modern Rock” and the element of surprise and variety was alive and well. Audio quality is not the best.

Check out the Radio Corner section for a longer set by Pete and Geets on CFNY and watch this space for more. I have some tape of them on CHUM FM.

The second clip is from WBUF FM from 1975 and features Cal Brady, the program director of the station at the time. The clip captures the essence of underground free form with a great psychedelic era station ID and a counter culture intro to a song by the Jefferson Airplane. Brady says “good morning…don’t believe everything you read in the papers.” The actual time was 5 PM. The clip is sadly too short but serves as a great reminder about why the free form format was so interesting.

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  1. I was with WYSL-FM in 1969 when the station first aired as Buffalo’s underground voice. The music and the DJ’s were amazing. I had many conversations with Cal Brady during those early years, as he would freely update concert and band information over the telephone, which was only one of a few ways to get information. I also had the opportunity to talk with Cal, prior to his passing, while he was on the West Coast. It was great reminiscing over those memorable years. A time never to be repeated!

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