The Last Oil of Dog WZIR FM Part 2

British Folk to The Sex Pistols. Public Image Ltd. to Bach

Part Two of The last Oil of Dog program hosted by Gary Storm on WZIR FM from 1981. The show was revived on WUWU FM a few years later ( Please visit The Oil of Dog Corner for the WUWU clips and I will continue to upload more of those).

There’s three long sets of music on the two clips above and they feature Gary and Louie The Mad Vinyl Junkie. Listen to the breaks at 25:04-29:30 (first clip) and at 15:39-18:51 & 43:32-48:27( second clip). You will hear Gary Storm’s passion for what he was presenting. He laments the fact that there will no longer be an outlet on the radio to feature the diverse acts played on Oil of Dog and WZIR. He was the music director at the station. He speaks about how he was the first and perhaps only area DJ to feature some of the acts played. He also speaks, during the final break, about the sexism inherent in mainstream radio. He championed numerous female artists and says that will not be the case on the new mainstream rock format of the station.

Just before playing a selection from Bach, during the middle break, he says “this music is so beautiful that God made ears for it.” Enjoy this remnant of the classic free form format on commercial radio. There’s almost 90 minutes of great music and commentary. Please also check out part one of this broadcast further down the page.

Addendum: I was gratified to see that the one and only Gary Storm posted this comment in the Oil of Dog Corner yesterday:

This is incredible historiography. It is a brilliant example of what scholars like to call cultural ethnography. If you haven’t use these audio artifacts as the basis of your thesis or dissertation, you should do so. This stuff – and I am not talking about my stuff at all – is important history. It will matter more than any of us can imagine. Make sure your files are preserved, not just on line, but some place like the history museum. Thanks for all of your careful archiving. Like I said before, Tears in my eyes.

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