CFNY Montage Early to Mid 80`s

This is a composite of tracks recorded off CFNY from the early to mid 80`s. Some of the tracks  such as the Demics New York City and Captain Sensible`s Happy Talk were NY staples. Clip is short on DJ patter. There`s a station ID at 00:36 and you will hear Jim Reid at 8:20 and The Live Earl Jive and James Baby Scott for a few brief seconds later in the clip. The recording quality on Happy Talk and the final  track, File and Forget by Karel Fialka, is quite good and in stereo. Enjoy this small slice of the Spirit of Radio era NY at it’s peak.

A big thanks for former CFNY announcer Jim Reid for  confirming who the artist was on File and Forget. I remember the track well as it received a lot of airplay on NY but Google searches and even Shazam had turned up nothing about the artist and it sounded like James Scott was saying Carol Fialkin. The song and LP it comes from is currently out of print and hence why it was difficult to find info about it.

A great honor JR to have you visit the site. I was a very regular listener and fan of your show right from the start in the late 70’s.

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