Check out Joey Vendetta, Rory O’Shea and Steve Warden on the Six o Clock Rock Report on Q 107 and Punch Andrews on mix 99.9. Just added to Radio Miscellany.

WUWU & WCMF Early 80’s

This is the second air check on this site featuring an unusual cover of Whole Lot of Love by Led Zeppelin as played by Gary Storm on WUWU FM. This time it’s the Temple City Kazoo Orchestra’s twisted and humorous interpretation. The clip also features more from the Import Export show on WCMF FM from Rochester, New York. The station was mainstream AOR at the time but this show featured Punk, New Wave, Garage and Psychedelia. The show usually had two hosts and one was Unkle Roger McCall and I believe that’s him on this air check.

Gary Storm can be heard briefly at 2:30. I think this was during Halloween weekend  at WUWU and they called it “The Weird Weekend.” Roger McCall on WCMF can he heard starting at 5:45. Date of the air checks is most likely 1982/83.

Dave Dennis On Radio London 1965

Radio London AKA The Big L and Wonderful Radio London was one of several Pirate radio stations that broadcast offshore targeting the UK. They existed to fill a void as The British government did not permit any commercial stations at the time and the BBC had a monopoly in broadcasting. The station was on the air for about two and a half years from late 1964 up until August 1967. Underground DJ John Peel had a show on the station called The Perfumed Garden and the station’s legacy’s lives on famously on the Who’s Who Sell Out album which features Radio London inspired jingles and more in between the tracks.


The two clips above feature DJ Dave Dennis and a wide variety of music including a number of female artists. British artists Twinkle and Marianne Faithful are featured on the intros to their tracks recorded for Dave Dennis and the station. There’s some British garage rock by way of The Pretty Things, The Zephyrs and The Chapters. Also a number of big name British and American rock and pop groups and artists from the era. There’s an interesting ad for a charity event for Thalidomide children and a news cast read by Earl Richmond where a echo effect is used to announce every headline. Some Radio London jingles are featured as well. The programs were taped off air at various points in March 1965.

The first clip is almost continuous and the second one is more of a montage. Please note the last track on the second clip by Twinkle actually comes from another station and I believe Jimmy Page is one of the session musicians featured on that track.