WUWU & WCMF Early 80’s

This is the second air check on this site featuring an unusual cover of Whole Lot of Love by Led Zeppelin as played by Gary Storm on WUWU FM. This time it’s the Temple City Kazoo Orchestra’s twisted and humorous interpretation. The clip also features more from the Import Export show on WCMF FM from Rochester, New York. The station was mainstream AOR at the time but this show featured Punk, New Wave, Garage and Psychedelia. The show usually had two hosts and one was Unkle Roger McCall and I believe that’s him on this air check.

Gary Storm can be heard briefly at 2:30. I think this was during Halloween weekend  at WUWU and they called it “The Weird Weekend.” Roger McCall on WCMF can he heard starting at 5:45. Date of the air checks is most likely 1982/83.

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