Radio London Part 3 – Stu Clark April 1966

This is part three of the Radio London tape that I rescued from obscurity at a used audio store.  The DJ is unfortunately cut at many points but this will give you some indication of what records charted on Radio London’s Fab 40 chart during the week of April 10, 1966. Somebody Help Me by the Spencer Davis Group was at number 1 and this was well before they ever cracked the top 40 in North America.

You can see the complete Fab 40 Chart for April 10, 1966 at the Radio London Website.  Somebody Help Me is the song which has made the most appearances via air checks on this site. This is the fourth time around.

One thought on “Radio London Part 3 – Stu Clark April 1966”

  1. Thanks for your wonderful site! So much cool audio.
    The DJ here is Ed Stewart, not Stu Clark. I think you’re mishearing him saying his nickname ‘Stewpot’.

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