Another double shot featuring vintage free form and classic top 40. The first  clip is from Dick Bartley’s  top 40 oldies show Solid Gold Saturday Night recorded off WBUF FM in the mid 80’s. The second clip features the great John Farrell on WZIR FM from 1981. Both announcers can be heard briefly near the end of the clips. Dick Bartley has just played a double shot of frat rock legends The Swinging Medallions.

WBUF 60’s Sunday Part Two

Part two of the WBUF FM 60’s Sunday show from 1979 or 1980. The station had an AOR format at the time but were playing rock and oldies from the 60’s on a Sunday special. I can’t make out the last name of the announcer on the broadcast. They veer into the early 70’s with the Five Man Electrical Band’s Absolutely Right but the clip includes some great tracks from the 60’s. I will upload parts two and three of this in the future. Please note that the first two or three tracks are truncated but after that it’s the complete songs for the most part. Audio quality is inconsistent.

CFNY Aug 1978 Listener’s Choice/ John Morris

I  was the “listener” on this broadcast taped at the famous yellow house on Main Street in Brampton, Ontario. John Morris was the host and I got to meet David Marsden.  CFNY was transitioning from the David Pritchard  era to the Spirit of Radio. Keith Elshaw was also there that night. I went to the house a few times and I think it was during this visit that David Marsden mentioned getting a call from Terry McElligott  to say he missed NY. Terry M. had just moved from NY to CHUM FM that week.

The station’s format was still very eclectic, though a bit more structured than during the Pritchard era. Many of my musical selections hearkened back to the CHUM FM free form days. Please excuse some of my cringe-worthy moments but it was a thrill to be a small part of a very big station.

Mr. Morris was a very relaxed and gracious host that weeknight for the taping . The show aired the following Sunday. I had a stereo reel to reel copy which I unfortunately recorded over as  I was somewhat embarrassed at my performance. All that survives is a mono cassette copy. Will upload part two in the future.