CFNY Aug 1978 Listener’s Choice/ John Morris

I  was the “listener” on this broadcast taped at the famous yellow house on Main Street in Brampton, Ontario. John Morris was the host and I got to meet David Marsden.  CFNY was transitioning from the David Pritchard  era to the Spirit of Radio. Keith Elshaw was also there that night. I went to the house a few times and I think it was during this visit that David Marsden mentioned getting a call from Terry McElligott  to say he missed NY. Terry M. had just moved from NY to CHUM FM that week.

The station’s format was still very eclectic, though a bit more structured than during the Pritchard era. Many of my musical selections hearkened back to the CHUM FM free form days. Please excuse some of my cringe-worthy moments but it was a thrill to be a small part of a very big station.

Mr. Morris was a very relaxed and gracious host that weeknight for the taping . The show aired the following Sunday. I had a stereo reel to reel copy which I unfortunately recorded over as  I was somewhat embarrassed at my performance. All that survives is a mono cassette copy. Will upload part two in the future.

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