Charles Laquidara WBCN Boston April 1971

I have unearthed seven hours plus of airchecks from Boston’s WBCN FM The station was one of the best original free form stations in North America. This air check features Charles Laquidara who is one of four DJ’s profiled in the new film about free form radio called  I Am What I Play.  The film has it’s Toronto Premiere on May 8th and also features local free form legend David Marsden.

Laquidara began at BCN in 1969 when he replaced Peter Wolf who was an early DJ at the station and who would go on to sing lead in the J Geils Band. Charles was doing the nigh time 10 to 2 shift at the time of this aircheck from April 1971. In 1972 he took over the morning shift with his, legendary in Boston, Big Mattress  show which was on the station for 25 years until it was replaced by the Howard Stern Show in the 1990’s.

A very eclectic playlist is featured and includes artist as diverse as Ronnie Spector, Freddie King and T Rex. Also some interesting ads for albums and concerts.

The BCN airchecks are a radio treasure and they provide a great window into the wonderful genre bending world of underground free form FM radio. Stay tuned for future editions.


3 thoughts on “Charles Laquidara WBCN Boston April 1971”

    1. Yes I have several more hours which I will be uploading. They do make for great listening.

  1. I listened to WBCN for over 30 plus years till they fell swoop with corporate greed,i will never hear enough of this beautiful station,please upload more and thanks for all you have!

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