WBCN FM Boston Part 3 April 1971

A stellar playlist featuring Blind Faith, Fairport Convention, The Bonzo Dog Band, The Lovin’ Spoonful, The Beatles  and a lot more. You will also hear the Cat and Dog Report which was a regular feature on the station at this time. I’m not sure who the DJ is.

The source tape has survived incredibly well but a few of the original records suffered from scratches.

This quote, from a June 1970 Boston Magazine article about the station, sums up the music policy of the station at the time:

Generally, musical selections revolve around related sets of material. After the first few months, practically every variation on drug and anti-war sets had been explored. Soon after, Steve Segal, a former WBCN announcer now with KPPC-FM, Los Angeles, refined the approach and formulated the current station concept of programming as a train of thought via music. In this approach, two to four related records are connected by a sometimes fragile relationship which can be musical, thematic, or consist simply of several different cuts which presumably evoke a uniform feeling. Each of the station’s six full-time announcers, all of whom are in their twenties, follows the formula.

Watch this space for more from the great WBCN FM

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