CFNY FM 1989

This clip was recorded on my JVC Stereo VCR and based on Barb Hansen’s brief news update I think it’s from 1988-89. You will also hear Scott Turner at 3:36. This was recorded during the “History of Rock Saturday.”

Judging by the tracks played and announced you would think you had tuned into Q 107 sometime in the late 70’s. I’m not sure if this was before or during Reiner Schwarz’s tenure as PD. The station’s format recovered from earlier tightening with Mr. Schwarz at the helm.

A classic rock staple by Manfred’s Mann’s Earth Band is featured in the clip above but the You Tube link below is from an earlier incarnation of the band and has them covering Randy Newman. A track which I heard regularly on CHUM FM in the early 70’s and which is  now forgotten by radio.

Audio of this air check is generally better on this You Tube upload:

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