WBZ FM Part Two – Top 40 Countdown 1973

WBZ FM switched to a automated Top 40 format in June 1973. This is a countdown show taped shortly after the switch. The voice over work seems to be by student listeners. There’s some humorous  patter between most of the songs played. Later in the year the station employed some pros to do voice tracks.

This was a good time for Top 40 rock and there are some great tracks on the countdown. You will hear a few one or two hit wonders such as Albert Hammond’s Free Electric Band ( on clip one) and  Gunhill Road, The Mighty Tom Cats and Andy Pratt ( on clip two).

Avenging Annie by Pratt was a big regional hit in parts of the east coast, including New England. The song was inspired by The Byrd’s version of Woody Guthrie’s Pretty Boy Floyd. Initially featured on free form progressive rock stations, the track eventually crossed over to Top 40. Soul Moussaka by by the Mighty Tom Cats  can be described as either proto-disco or world music.

A most interesting playlist and a reminder that the early Top 40 stations on FM were more experimental than their AM counterparts.

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