WUWU FM Buffalo – ID’s & More- Encore !

I rarely repeat content on the site but I have combined two previous clips from WUWU FM into one post and both feature Gary Storm  on air during the day and not on his all night Oil of Dog program. The clip also highlights two fantastic station ID’s which can be heard at 3:13 and 14:40. Gary Storm can be heard in between two off-kilter Led Zeppelin covers recorded on two separate broadcasts. You will also hear the late Bob Allen at 19:16 promoting his talk program called the Town Crier. There’s also a small snippet from Buffalo’s 97 Rock. All the content is from 1982.

WUWU was a truly gonzo outfit and legend has it that Bob Allen took over the station without authorization on it’s last day as a free form station. Some have said that was a stunt but I was listening that night and Mr. Allen sounded like a man who had become unhinged and more so when I called him up on the studio line when I heard what he was saying on air.

Search the site for a lot more content from WUWU and the earlier but related  free form stations WZIR and WBUF.

4 thoughts on “WUWU FM Buffalo – ID’s & More- Encore !”

  1. Oh my gosh…stumbling on this made my day! I remember vividly when Bob Allen hijacked the transmitter…would love to hear that again. Also his nutty morning talk show. What a time that was.

  2. I was a freshman at RIT when WUWU was going. It, and the campus radio station were the favs on campus. They played the music that no other station would dare to play. We were in mourning when they were forced off the air.

  3. This is outstanding!! I was a student at SUNY Geneseo, and WUWU and CFNY out of Toronto were the stations of the day–they had heart, soul, a great playlist, outstanding sounders, and above all else, personality. Yes, WUWU was quirky (I seem to remember a metal memorial weekend that blew up into something unexpected) but this aircheck was a wonderful trip back in time. Thank you to the person who created this site, and had the foresight to role tape and keep tape on The Rock of Western New York!

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