KOME FM San Jose – Dennis Erectus & Jim Seagull May 1979

I will be uploading several hours worth of air checks from KOME FM 98.5 from San Jose, California.  These were recorded during a weekend special called the LBJ Years featuring music from the time when Lyndon Johnson was president. The music played however stretches the boundaries well past December 1968 and some of it veers deep into the Nixon era. In fact the track Mexico by the Jefferson Airplane, heard on the first clip, is about Richard’s war against drugs.

KOME started as a Free Form station in 1971 and by the mid 70’s the format had tightened and morphed into AOR. The Free Form ethos was however revived at the station in 1978  continued during the time of these air checks and beyond.

The music featured on the air checks includes favorites from the original free form era plus many well known classic rock staples and some top 40 pop rock.  These are complete air checks which include period piece commercials,  clips from LBJ era TV and movies plus a resurrected president Johnson. Some of the extras will be heard on later uploads.

The first DJ is Dennis Erectus and he sounds at times like a shock Jock well before the genre came into being. He can be heard pushing the envelope of rock radio in 1979.  The take off of the Berkeley Barb ads on the second clip for example. Jim Seagull takes over from him on the second clip.

Please note that the goblins that invade during the Janis Ian and Cowsill tracks are intentional interruptions.

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