KOME FM Part Three Laurie Roberts

The third installment from San Jose’s KOME FM features DJ Laurie Roberts who is still flying the free form flag in the San Francisco Bay area on KPIG FM.  You will hear a stellar set of music including some FM and Top 40 hits. Plus a few of the top San Francisco bands from the late 1960’s such as The Jefferson Airplane, The Grateful Dead, County Joe and The Fish and The Steve Miller Band.

Listen for a syndicated  Direct News segment about The Police featuring WNEW FM’s Scott Muni. The bands’s first album had just taken off at the time of this broadcast from May 1979. The segment is heard at 11:48 on the second clip.


Two long clips featuring DJ Joe Kelly on San Jose’s KOME FM. The date of the clips is 1979 but most of the music featured is a throwback to the first wave of progressive free form radio. A veritable who’s who from the progressive era, including cuts by Dylan, Donovan, Moby Grape, The Byrds, Buffalo Springfield. Kooper-Stills Super Session, Spooky Tooth, King Crimson and more . Listen for the Who’s version of Baby Don’t Do It, an outtake from their Live at Leeds album. David Peel and The Lower East Side provide some comic relief with  “I like Marijuana.”

Stay tuned for more uploads from KOME FM’s weekend special “The LBJ Years.” Many more hours yet to come.