More from AOR/Top 40 Hybrid WVBF FM

Another interesting air check from the Boston area AOR/Top 40 Hybrid WVBF FM from 1973. The first 17 minutes are all from one air check but the remainder consists of fragments. DJ’s featured include Ron Robin, Big John Gillis and Bud Ballou.

Listen for the commercial break starting at 9:30. I think that’s the Fortunes singing for coke and right after that you will hear an ad for the current Sly and The Family Stone album.

One thought on “More from AOR/Top 40 Hybrid WVBF FM”

  1. I grew up with this station. These clips are a bit of beautiful nostalgia for me.

    I was searching for some of that funky station promo music they used to have. It was hilarious.

    Thanks for helping me connect to a happy time.

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