Triad Radio on WXFM Aug 3, 1972

The last post on the site, David Pritchard on CHUM FM from 1971,  was a great example of experimental FM underground radio.  This air check from Chicago station WXFM  is in a somewhat similar vein. During the time of this air check, WXFM was a multi format station and the program Triad Radio aired during weekday evenings from 8 to midnight. The show was on the station from 1969 to 1977 and featured a lot of experimental and progressive rock, particularly of the European variety. Mr Pritchard and Gary Storm’s Oil of Dog (also featured on this site) highlighted some of the same on their programs.

There are other air checks from Triad radio available on the web but this is one of the longer ones and it’s a gem featuring a number of commercial breaks with some very interesting ads and other  content.

The name of the host was Saul Smaizys and he took the program to other stations after the show ended on WXFM.. Here’s Facebook link for the program: Triad Radio

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  1. Thanks so much for posting this. Triad was my mainstay listening experience when I was in my youth, and in many ways formed my musical interests thereafter. Great to hear this again.

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