Q107, CHUM FM, WMMR, 1050 CHUM, 97 Rock -70’s & 80’s

The clip includes segments from the following stations. Low on talk but some great music is included. Most of the recordings were made on my Sanyo reel to reel sourced off a Marantz receiver. Dates of recordings range from the  early 70’s to late 80’s.

  1. A brief segment with  The All Night Andre. Best known for his time at CFNY but this clip is from Q107 and the program The Wax Museum which was the predecessor to Psychedelic Sunday
  2.  Two short clips from 1050 CHUM. Not 100 % sure who the first DJ is ( Darrel B ?) but the second one is Bob Magee
  3. A briefl clip from CHUM FM from the early 70’s and you will hear a bit of David Pritchard and an ad
  4. The great and multi-talented Steve Winwood playing DJ recorded off Buffalo’s 97 Rock. I think the program was  syndicated
  5. Some Live selections recorded off WMMR FM in Philadelphia. I believe the DJ featured is Ed Sciaky

The second to last music segment in the above clip is a live snippet from this great track by The Flying Burrito Brothers and here is the studio original from their classic album The Gilded Palace of Sin

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