Jim Seagull, Joe Kelly & Karin Nakamura KOME FM

Over 3 hours of music taped during the weekend special called the LBJ years on San Jose’s KOME FM. The idea was to revisit the musical past during LBJ’s time as president. Some of the tracks are actually from the period after LBJ. The music is varied featuring a number of top 40 hits, a few songs which were staples on the first wave of progressive free form stations, for example, Groovin Is Easy by the Electric Flag and tracks by Country Joe and The Fish, Frank Zappa, Cold Blood, Love, Moby Grape and others. The music featured is certainly more varied than what you hear on a typical classic rock station today.

One of my favorite tracks featured comes from country rock pioneers Poco and their first album from 1969. There’s also appearances by LBJ via a medium and some contemporary ads for albums and concerts by The Jam, Poco ( they had veered towards a more commercial sound by 1979) , Jack Scott and others. The station’s regular format still retained some semblance of the free form format.


One thought on “Jim Seagull, Joe Kelly & Karin Nakamura KOME FM”

  1. Thank you FreeFormFreedom for posting this show. I was there, so it is really special to hear it again, and again!
    I have had a listen to other shows on different stations. I must say, the bay area sound was quite unique, wasn’t it? I am glad I was there when it all came down.

    Anyway, to Jim, Joe and Karin, if you’re out there… G’day from Downundah 😉

    Best wishes, Saundra

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