Peter Griffin CHUM FM June 1973 from Kal’s Korner

A fantastic clip featuring Peter Griffin on CHUM FM from the summer of 1973. The clip helps me accomplish something that I have aimed for since I saw the picture linked below  ( from The Rock Radio Scrapbook site)  and that is to have audio on the site of all of the DJ’s shown. This clip has Tim Thomas on an ad at 13:38 and he was one DJ who was missing on the site. Audio of all of the others is available via previous air checks from CHUM FM and/or other stations.

The DJ’s pictured on the link are Brian Master, Pete Griffin, John Donabie, Benji Karsh, Tim Thomas, David Marsden, Jim Bauer. David Pritchard and Geets Romo ( David Haydu).

The clip is from CHUM FM’s free summer of 1973  as referenced by Pete Griffin at 2:11 . My fandom for the station was at a peak. They played fantastic music and I loved their diverse and multi genre play list. This clip is just a small peek into that musical wonderland.

The free summer featured trivia contests all summer long with great concert tickets and albums as the prize.  The second picture below is of the sheet I kept to record the contests that I had entered and won during that summer.  Wins included Jethro Tull tickets and albums  by identifying Stephen Stills and Manassas , Santana and John McLaughlin tickets and LP’s by answering the question who designed the album cover of Revolver by the Beatles and more music trivia. I spoke to almost of all of the DJ’s pictured plus Larry Green during these summer trivia contests.


This air check is  the second on the site contributed by Kal Raudoja. Please visit his web site and send him an email of appreciation mailto://  Clip was apparently taped by a fan of the Goon show who left the tape running before and after the show  ran on CHUM FM on a number of occasions. Kal has more from the same source plus a veritable treasure trove of other radio air checks and memorabilia. He has also given me a air check on the great  Reiner Schwarz  on CHUM FM from Feb, 1970 that I will be uploading in the future.


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