Reiner Schwarz CHUM FM – Another Gem from Kal’s Korner

This clip from CHUM FM from early 1970 offers a fantastic window into the world of free form radio from the early 70’s. The opening foreshadows some of the new music that CFNY would play later in the decade.  A off kilter hybrid jazz-rock track.

Reiner debuts the new Crosby, Stills, Nash and Young album Deja Vu and you will also hear a bit of the great David Pritchard taking about his Beatles special which was just debuting on the station.

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You can use the search function on the site to listen to more Reiner and David Pritchard most of which I recorded myself but there’s more from Kal as well.



The CBC FM Network was producing some of the most cutting edge radio during the 1980’s. There was “Brave New Waves” all night and it was the place to hear cutting edge new wave rock. There was also Nightlines on the weekend and that show was hosted all too briefly by a veteran of Winnipeg free form named Ron Robinson who you will hear on this clip. The show’s last host was the one of the preeminent musicologists on Canadian radio ever David Wisdom. His show was as eclectic as David Pritchard’s old show on CHUM FM.

Ron Robinson is the host on this clip and things begin with Frankie Goes to Hollywood, The Talking Heads and Bill Nelson. After that there is a fascinating interview with John Cale of the Velvet Underground and you will also hear two tracks by the Velvets.

BMR on KMET 1975 & The Rabbit on KROQ 1976

More of the great B Mitchell Reed on KMET from June 1975 and  the ever irreverent Jimmy Rabbit on KROQ from 1976.

Listen for the brief ad for and by Dr. Demento  and a promo for Harry Shearer’s show on the KMET clip.

Like CFNY in Toronto during the late 1970’s KROQ was important for the development of new music and like NY it was also so much more in those early days. when a free form ethos ruled at the station. Rodney Bingenheimer had  started his show on on the Q at the time of this air check. That show did a lot to kick start the punk phenomena in North America. This was at a time when the station had reset after being off air for two years. The frequency used by KROQ was the same one used by KPPC FM earlier,

Take a trip back in time when radio mattered and enjoy these clips. There’s more from both stations that will be uploaded in the future.