Reiner Schwarz CHUM FM – Another Gem from Kal’s Korner

This clip from CHUM FM from early 1970 offers a fantastic window into the world of free form radio from the early 70’s. The opening foreshadows some of the new music that CFNY would play later in the decade.  A off kilter hybrid jazz-rock track.

Reiner debuts the new Crosby, Stills, Nash and Young album Deja Vu and you will also hear a bit of the great David Pritchard taking about his Beatles special which was just debuting on the station.

This is the third contribution on the site from Kal Raudoja  and please write to him at mailto:// and let him know you want more as I know he has more CHUM FM from the early 1970’s. I also encourage you to visit his web site at

You can use the search function on the site to listen to more Reiner and David Pritchard most of which I recorded myself but there’s more from Kal as well.

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