Free Form Treasure Charles L WBCN FM 1971

The first clip is an absolute treasure . You will hear the great Charles Laquidara with a heartfelt plea for volunteers to help with the phones and some great music including the closing track by Hapshash and The Coloured Coat.  The track may gave been played by others during the free form era but I don’t remember hearing it and it sounds  ahead of it’s time in early 1971.

The second clip features Charles reading the news and playing the Stones. This was not a Stones special but he seemed to be playing them because he wanted to and could.

Radio when it was great and worth listening to. You can hear other clips from the great WBCN FM on this site with more to come.

Most of the WBCN air checks on this site are quite good quality-wise but there are a few hiccups on these particularity at the beginning of the second clip.

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