CFNY FM The First Day After Power Increase

I had posted this in segments in the Radio Corner of the site. Here is all the tape that I have of CFNY FM on it’s first day after their power increase, Up to that point the station was a low power outfit with a very limited range and the on air talent was mostly unknown.

You will hear former CHUM FM heavyweights David Pritchard and Reiner Schwarz  on this first day and it is apparent that the idea was to bring back the old CHUM FM brand of free form radio. Pritchard was the new program director Sadly the line-up and aspirations of the station were short lived but here is a reminder of what could have been. I should point out that CFNY was a pioneering force after the David Pritchard era but it did not exactly  replicate the old CHUM FM free form spirit.

This tape is not in stereo and that is inexplicable except that I may have dubbed it to reel to reel from a mono cassette recording.

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