The first clip is part two of the WQBK upload and the second clip includes a combination of parts one and two.  The first was played on an AKAI 4000DS MK2  reel to reel and the second on an AKAI 270D. The first player, a common workhorse model, is one that I have used most often on this site. The second player is one with glass heads. Let me know via email if one player sounds better than the other.

Gary Santucci on free form WQBK from Albany NY. with more to come in the future. The variety of the free form format on full display.

WQBK FM Gary Santucci Oct 18, 1976 Albany NY

When I started this web site I wanted to highlight tapes I had recorded my self for various reasons including for listening to at the family summer cottage where FM reception was poor. In the case of the Oil of Dog Tapes and some others it was to preserve programming that I knew to be on the way out and not likely to be heard on commercial radio again.

Over the years I have also collected tapes and have been  using some of that material. This is one such tape and it includes about three hours from a station from upstate NY near Albany recorded on October 18, 1976. The free form format was starting to morph into AOR at the time but this small market station retained elements of free form and  that makes for a great listen. The DJ is Gary  Santucci  and I have more of his great show to upload in the future.

California Triple Treat KOME/KROQ/KMET

Continuing the presentation of California FM nuggets. The first clip has Jim Seagull on KOME FM from 1979 with more of the Johnson years. Highlight for me was the little heard Iron Buttefly track which opens the set.

Second clip featutes Jimmy Rabbitt on KROQ from November 1976. A set of diverse music from the veteren of both AM and FM radio. Rabbitt had also spent time at KMET.  This tape was made at the dawn of the punk/new wave era during which KROQ and DJ’s such as Rodnet Bingenheimer came to the fore. You will hear The Rabbitt promoting Rodney’s upcoming show with Sparks.

The final clip has B Mitchell Reed on KMET from June 1975 and BMR mentions Rabbitt and his show which was heard on KMET at the time of this recording. Rabbitt had some recordings out and you will hear a bit of one just before the news.

I have more content from all three stations already posted to the site with more to come.