WQBK FM Gary Santucci Oct 18, 1976 Albany NY

When I started this web site I wanted to highlight tapes I had recorded my self for various reasons including for listening to at the family summer cottage where FM reception was poor. In the case of the Oil of Dog Tapes and some others it was to preserve programming that I knew to be on the way out and not likely to be heard on commercial radio again.

Over the years I have also collected tapes and have been  using some of that material. This is one such tape and it includes about three hours from a station from upstate NY near Albany recorded on October 18, 1976. The free form format was starting to morph into AOR at the time but this small market station retained elements of free form and  that makes for a great listen. The DJ is Gary  Santucci  and I have more of his great show to upload in the future.

One thought on “WQBK FM Gary Santucci Oct 18, 1976 Albany NY”

  1. Hello! Thank you so much for sharing your incredible aircheck collection. I only recently stumbled across your website and am very happy I did. I love listening to airchecks of freeform rock radio of the late-60s & early-70s, but it’s difficult to find them…

    I recently came across this huge stash of recordings of WMMR Philadelphia that someone has kindly posted on the web… about 29 hours worth, mostly from March & December 1972, with some earlier stuff… Check it out here: hyperlink

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