Arnie “Woo Woo” Ginsburg WBZ Fall 1972

Listen to a great  clip of legendary Boston Top 40 DJ Arnie “Woo Woo” Ginsburg’s Night Train on WBZ from the fall of 1972 . Uploaded to Radio Miscellany .

Progressive Radio Show Called Grapevine 1972

I have some idea about the Canadian network or station this broadcast originated on but am not 100 % sure. The show is called Grapevine from October 1972. The host Doug Aldridge sounds like a broadcast professional. The format is progressive rock but highligting new or recent releases. The track played by Cream is older but it comes from a 1972 compilation.

Roxy music was not widely played at the time but you will hear them here. The set opens with a progressive staple called Deteriorate by National Lampoon . The host can be forgiven for calling Pure Prairie League a Canadian group as the album played was recorded in Toronto. The bassist mentioned as a member of the group was not but rather a studio hand. Clapton cohort Bobby Whitlock can be heard on a solo version of Tell The Truth.


KISW FM Seattle Aug 1981

Seattle’s KISW FM switched to progressive rock 1971 and became a competitor to city’s original prog rocker KOL FM. This air check from August of 1981 finds the station as an AOR outlet but some nuggets from the free form era are featured. The first clip features DJ Dan Wilkie on a program called “Sunday Night Oldies.” The tracks featured are mostly FM oldies but the Pacific Northwest’s Paul Revere and the Raiders can be heard with their version of Louie Louie. You will also hear The Who from the Smothers’ Brother’s show and an ad for the upcoming Kinks concert.

Canadian DJ Terry David Mulligan is heard on an ad for the Gap. No idea about the backgroud on that except perhaps he may have been known in Washington state due to his work on Canadian TV in British Columbia.

The second clip has an outro from an ACDC concert and some trivia and music from Seattle’s Jimi Hendrix. I have more from KISW FM to post in the future.

The mystery of the DJ on the second clip has been solved by reader and listener Craig Thomas and here’s what he said  “The DJ in the bottom aircheck is Steve Slaton, he worked the 6 pm to 9 pm slot.  He started at the station in the early 70’s and was there about 20 years.  He’s been on a couple other stations in the area as well.”

A big thank you to Craig !