Los Angeles Triple Play

Here is more from KPPC FM, KMET FM and KROQ. The three stations were an important part of the free form and alternative broadcast history of Los Angeles and California.

In a sense the clips chart the history of free form in the city.  KPPC FM was the first major free form outlet in the area and then the mantle was passed to KMET.  K Rock or KROQ  became one of the premiere alternative rock stations on the continent but at the beginning they had the attitude and a free form ethos which is evident on this clip featuring Jimmy Rabbit from November 1976.

Cosmos is the DJ on the KPPC clip from September 1971 and B Mitchell Reed is heard once again on on KMET from June 11, 1975. I have more to upload from these great stations in the future.

Have a listen to more vintage KMET at the Past Daily site and use the search function at the site to find more than what is on the link.



2 thoughts on “Los Angeles Triple Play”

  1. I’m doing some research on KPPC and wonder how much actual audio exists from the 67-71 period. I’ve heard and have copies of portions of the Frank Zappa, George Harrison & Jerry Garcia/Bob Weir interviews, but was hoping to hear more air time from Steven Clean, Les Carter and Susan Carter. or any of the other DJs from that period. please put me in touch with anyone who can help me

    1. David not sure I can help you. I do know that Charles Laquidara worked at KPPC and he is on Twitter and perhaps you can contact him. There is a web site called Past Daily that has quite a bit of Los Angles radio audio and there is an email listed for the owner of that blog and perhaps you can contact him. He has a lot of KMET audio up on his site.

      I still have some more KPPC from 1971 that I have not uploaded yet and will get to it. I think it is also featuring Cosmos

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