WQBK FM Oct 18, 1976 Part Three

Going deeper into the night with Gary Santucci on Albany NY’s free form WQBK FM. The eclecticism of the format still apparent on this air check as more and more FM stations on the continent were tightening their playlists. I still have more of this night to upload in the future.

Note: Parts one and two of this broadcast were in stereo but this is mono.

WBBF, WCMF and More-Rochester NY Radio

I have a an interesting lot of tapes  which seem to have been made by recording from microphone to radio and not direct via patch cords. The quality is not great.  They include some content from WBBF AM which was Rochester NY’s first and most successful Top 40 station. The first clip includes that and may have been recorded in  late 1963 and early 1964. The DJ patter is short but the highlight is the intro to the Trashmen’s Surfin Bird.

The first clip also has a few ads recorded in 1972 during the airing of a Beatles special in 1972 on WAXC AM.  The station went onto competition with WBBF as a top 40 outlet in 1972. The special was produced by CHUM radio in Toronto and you can hear the CHUM production credit near the end of the clip.

The second clip consists of ads and other content that was recorded during the airing of a BBC Beatles special in  April 1973 on WCMF FM. WCMF at the time was a free form station that I would tune into when I could get it in Toronto. The clip includes a few different versions of ads for a Frank Zappa and John McLaughlin concert and a Ten Years After, Strawbs and Eagles show. There’s also stereo store ads and a PSA for the Wounded Knee reservation plus some other WCMF content about the Beatles special.  The CMF DJ sounds like Buffalo and Rochester radio legend “Unkle”  Roger. The only thing I have copied from the Beatles special is a Murray the K intro to the Beatles song Happy to Dance With You and a part of a WABC jingle.

WCMF was a wonderful station during the free form era and it’s the first station I heard Lothar and The Hand People and I think it may have been the only station I heard that group other than perhaps  WZIR and WUWU from Buffalo. The third clip has CMF during the tail end of the free form years in 1975. I recorded this myself and have uploaded it previously. Musical highlight for me is near the end when The Beach Boys free form era classic Feel Flows is played. The DJ on the clip is Bernie Kimblel I believe.

Corrections and input welcome.