The Eclectic WBCN FM Boston 1971

More great audio from the exceptional free form WBCN FM and DJ Charles Laquidara from mid January 1971. You will hear rock bookended by Jazz and Classical. Some nice ads including one one for Capricorn records  country rock act Cowboy. The label was distributed by ATCO .

Free Form  radio at it’s early 1970’s best !


WCBS FM Feb 1974 Bill Brown & Bill Winters

Have a listen to a long and early slice of WCBS FM’s Oldies format in the Radio Miscellany section of the site.

Toronto’s Q 107 & 1050 CHUM

Today marks the 60th anniversary of the day 1050 CHUM switched to  top 40 Rock and May 22 was the 40th anniversary of the launch of Q 107 FM in Toronto.  Here’s some audio celebrating both stations.

The first clip is from Q 107 from August 1982 and it is the prequel to audio that I uploaded earlier from the station. I believe the DJ is Eric Westin but he does not say his name.

The second clip consists of radio contests and features 1050 CHUM alumni Tom Rivers ( May 1, 1995) and Terry Steele ( July 28,1993) on Toronto station Z 97.3. Plus Bob Magee on 1050 CHUM ( July 29, 1993) and Al Joynes on Q 107 ( March 6, 1993).

The third clip is a tribute to 1050 CHUM that I recorded on my cell phone on July 15, 2015. This was a mystery broadcast. I was off site, attending a work conference, and I heard all this old CHUM audio as I was twisting the radio dial.  I was coming home in the car and the only way I could record was on my cell phone. I was seriously thinking of going back with a cassette player and getting a better quality recording but had family commitments. This was a very low power broadcast and it died out as I was driving home.

Listen for former CHUM FM and CFNY legend David Marsden near the beginning of the clip. Quality is as to be expected on such a recording but I did enhance the tracks that were played in full.

The fourth clip is mostly a repeat of the cell phone recording but it has a bit of content which is not on the third clip and parts are a little cleaner.

WCBS Rock’n Roll Hall of Fame Show 88 & Humble Harve KHJ Boss Radio 67

A great twin spin spanning  21 years.

The first clip is of a WCBS FM broadcast during the Rock’n Roll Hall of Fame induction ceremonies from The Waldorf Astoria in 1988. The Show was hosted by Bob Shannon and  Don K Reed. This was a night when The Beatles, The Supremes, The Beach Boys and Bob Dylan were inducted.

I have more tape of this show but have edited the broadcast and kept only the Beach Boys and Bob Dylan segments plus a newscast near the end and a brief segment after that.

The second clip comes from Los Angeles station KHJ and features DJ Humble Harve from January 1967.  The station was referred to as Boss Radio at the time and had become a Drake formatted station since 1965. Generally that format had narrowed playlists and muted DJ’s but there were exceptions and Humble Harve was one. The playlist is quite interesting. Album cuts are played along with 45’s  by The Peanut Butter Conspiracy, The Seeds and Love. The Beatles sitar laden Love You Too gets an airing along with a Dylan track not normally played on Top 40 radio. I have another hour of the KHJ tape that I will upload in the future.