Toronto’s Q 107 & 1050 CHUM

Today marks the 60th anniversary of the day 1050 CHUM switched to  top 40 Rock and May 22 was the 40th anniversary of the launch of Q 107 FM in Toronto.  Here’s some audio celebrating both stations.

The first clip is from Q 107 from August 1982 and it is the prequel to audio that I uploaded earlier from the station. I believe the DJ is Eric Westin but he does not say his name.

The second clip consists of radio contests and features 1050 CHUM alumni Tom Rivers ( May 1, 1995) and Terry Steele ( July 28,1993) on Toronto station Z 97.3. Plus Bob Magee on 1050 CHUM ( July 29, 1993) and Al Joynes on Q 107 ( March 6, 1993).

The third clip is a tribute to 1050 CHUM that I recorded on my cell phone on July 15, 2015. This was a mystery broadcast. I was off site, attending a work conference, and I heard all this old CHUM audio as I was twisting the radio dial.  I was coming home in the car and the only way I could record was on my cell phone. I was seriously thinking of going back with a cassette player and getting a better quality recording but had family commitments. This was a very low power broadcast and it died out as I was driving home.

Listen for former CHUM FM and CFNY legend David Marsden near the beginning of the clip. Quality is as to be expected on such a recording but I did enhance the tracks that were played in full.

The fourth clip is mostly a repeat of the cell phone recording but it has a bit of content which is not on the third clip and parts are a little cleaner.

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