The Eclectic WBCN FM Boston 1971

More great audio from the exceptional free form WBCN FM and DJ Charles Laquidara from mid January 1971. You will hear rock bookended by Jazz and Classical. Some nice ads including one one for Capricorn records  country rock act Cowboy. The label was distributed by ATCO .

Free Form  radio at it’s early 1970’s best !


One thought on “The Eclectic WBCN FM Boston 1971”

  1. The BCN clip is quintessential early 70s Underground Radio. It really opened my ears up to a cornucopia of talent, regardless of the genre. Steve Winwood was one I never would have heard of, and that beget lots of other similar artists. Their comedy was also so much more refreshing than the Dick van Dyke show: The Congress of Wonders was another genre that deserves an award. I still quote it now and then.

    I loved the loathed “dead air” that these “hosts” (I can’t call them DJs) would provide, giving a moment to soak in what was just heard, whether it music or something spoken.

    I loved the unrehersed, blemished announcements, the commercials full of retakes and laughter. Things were simpler, a little slower, but certainly a little louder.

    It was a time of the Real Paper and The Phoenix, with articles in synch with the times, and BCN in synch as well. How Charles transformed himself over time is suprising.
    Miss those times.
    It really changed my perspective on life and of music.

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