Encore – CFNY FM Toronto, WUWU FM Buffalo and More

There’s a reel to reel tape I recorded in in 1982 and 1983 that I keep coming back to because it has a over six hours of radio but the quality on some segments of the tape is quite low. I have updated the recordings again and have not touched the original source and only added some additional volume and noise reduction.

Although the vast majority of this tape has been presented before here it is again all on one post.

Clip 1 –  Gary Storm on WUWU, Buffalo NY, doing a day time shift as opposed to his all night Oil of Dog from 1982

Clip 2- Jim Reid on CFNY from 1983 interviewing Sparks.

Clip 3 – Jim Santella on WUWU during the summer of 1983. Clip also has some dial twisting, a a bit of Rick Ringer from CHUM FM and James Scott from CFNY.

Clip 4 – The Import Export show on WCMF FM, Rochester, NY which featured non mainstream and alternative rock.  Some of the American garage rock featured here did not get much exposure elsewhere in the area except  for WUWU.  A bit of mainstream rock on WCMF and 97 Rock from Buffalo and a segment featuring Jeff Gordon on WUWU FM and good to hear that comedy cuts were still being incorporated into a regular set. All from 1983.

Clip 5 – James Braun and Shakin Smith on WUWU

Clip 6. – The Live Earl Jive on CFNY, some dial twisting, a bit of WUWU, a small section of the Rock-line program recorded off 97 Rock, A bit from Daddy Cool on CFNY.  A DJ on WCMF debuting the CD’format and Ron Bruchal on CFNY

Clip 7 – Ron Bruchal, Jim Bauer, Jim Reid and James Scott on CFNY FM. There’s a psychedelic/ progressive rock segment in the middle without a DJ and I think it must have been recorded off WUWU.

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  1. Wow great to hear my interview with Sparks I don’t even remember doing it so long ago and bringing back so many memories. Thanks for posting this

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