Q107, CHUM, CKFM, CFRB & CHFI Toronto

I recently came across a recording of Q 107’s Rock Report taped in 1995 and that led me to a Rock Report tape made in 1996 which was on a  broken cassette  I had repaired but the contact  was off and I went back and properly fixed the tape and now the recording sounds much better  than my original upload of it. I present it here along with other Toronto radio as noted below:

Clip One- Q 107 Six O-Clock Rock Report from Oct 1996 with Joey Vendetta, Steve Warden, and Rory O’Shea. Features short interviews with Ray Davies of the Kinks and Universal Honey.

Clip Two – Mix 99.9 ( CKFM) with Punch Andrews (1996) from the same tape as the above clip.

Clip Three – Russ McLeod and a call from my niece on 1050 CHUM and The Six O -Clock Rock Report on Q 107 from 1995 featuring Joey Vendetta and Steve Warden.

Clip Four – Very brief segment from Roger Ashby  on CHUM FM plus CFRB radio featuring mostly Mike Stafford from 2000.

Clip Five – Former CHOM FM, CFNY FM and CHUM FM alumni Terry McElligot on  CHFI FM from the late 1980’s. Terry can currently be heard on Jazz FM in Toronto.

Clip Six – A brief newscast featuring Prior Smith on CKFM from Sept 8 , 1972.

Oklahoma Top 40 from May 1969

Have a listen to some interesting top 40 radio from the state of Oklahoma, just added to radio miscellany