KABC FM Brother John Rydgren 1969

In April 1969 ABC started the mostly automated Love format on it’s seven stations. Brother John Rydgren did many of the voice overs. The brother was an ordained minister and he interspersed his shows with poetry and spiritual readings.

This was generally a more commercial variety of progressive FM rock. The format lasted for a short period and was heard on FM stations from New York to Los Angles.  This particular broadcast was taped off KABC Los Angles in August 1969 and it includes Brother John, a newscast and a segment about Carole King by Howard Smith.  Quality is not great and the tape is in mono.

Interesting to note that the group Bread who later became soft rock staples have the last track on the air check. ABC FM must have liked the first Bread album because there is another air check on the net at reelradio from WLS FM where the group and album are featured.

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