Vin Scelsa WNEW FM 1982

Presenting free form radio broadcaster Vin Scelsa.  A man who has had the honor of being named checked by the Ramones on their Pleasant Dreams album.

He’s worked at a number of radio stations in the New York area including WLIR FM,  WBAI, WABC FM, WYRK FM and WFUV FM. He has also been on satellite and internet radio and has  had two stints on WNEW FM.  Vin is perhaps best known for the program Idiots Delight which has aired on various stations.

This air check is from the tail end of his first stay at WNEW. He left the station in 1982 when they narrowed their format. The creativity is still on display here as New Wave is played along with other forms of rock to make for a most enjoyable listen.


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